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Remedies for epilepsy

Remedies for epilepsy

We are sharing natural cures for epilepsy.
1) After heating the ship’s sail, attach it to the place where the mistletoe is climbing. If there is no fire, soak it in hot water and apply heat to the 4 ship leaves.

(2) Add about a spoonful of mustard oil to ginger, Add liquid and heat. 4 Apply this oil to the affected area often.
(3) After mixing the leaves with salt, wrap them in a thin cloth, heat them with silver steam, and place them on the affected area for at least 45 minutes.

Make 2 packs and if one pack is cold, heat up the other pack. If you do it patiently, it will be cured within 3 weeks to more than a month.

May all mankind be healthy and prosperous.

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